Olivier Kunz

Head Forex and Precious Metals

Born in 1968, Swiss citizen

Olivier Kunz launched his professional career in the finance industry in 1983. He began in the Foreign Exchange Department of SBC (Swiss Bank Corporation - which merged with UBS SA in 1997). After four years working on the trading floor in Geneva and two years in Zurich, he completed his formation as Spot and Options Trader. In 1991, he accepted a position in the bank’s office in New York as a Spot Trader on the Forex Desk, where he remained until the end of 2000. He then returned to UBS Geneva to manage the B4B customers. Three years later, he moved to the Private Client Desk (Direct Access Client), where he remained until 2019.   His strong knowledge and his lengthy professional experience in the Forex and Precious Metal markets are an asset for Emeraude Suisse Capital SA.  His expertise will develop and strengthen custom hedging strategies and structured products